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Fate Card Game


Fate Card Game

Brief description

Hand-made fate card game consisting of 52 cards with watercolor borders in pink or yellow (pink for answers and yellow for questions). Some of the cards have illegible handwriting in pencil on the back. Each card has a phrase or a question handwritten in brown ink, as follows: A: I believe so B: one kiss and I'll tell you C: I will tell you in private D: No E: Is your attachment sincere F: You are very inquisitive G: A little H: Do you often look in the glass I: I have not quite settled that matter J: It is all by chance K: Does Cupid often lead you astray L: Will you ever be reformed M: Does my appearance pleas you N: If it is convenient (handwritten on back, "May I attend your wedding as Brides Maid my dear friend Sarah E. [illeg]") O: To be sure P: yes with pleasure Q: can you govern your temper (handwritten on back, "Sarah Gallover") R: yes but keep the secret S: that is not for you to know T: tis a secret I shall reveal to no one but you U: Do you delight in company V: I will never confess W: Gues (with a pencil drawing of a leafy vine on front) X: do I often engage your thoughts Y: Can you be inconstant ("No" is written on back) Z: Do you love me AA: I shall not tell you BB: Are you fond of keeping late ours CC: Are you a deceiver DD: When I know I will tell you EE: I think so FF: Yes GG: Yes the first opportunity (in the corner in a different hand is written, "E. [or C] C. Fairbank Milton") HH: the next time we meet I'll tell you II: I shall be very sorry for it JJ: you are very curious KK: that fate will determine LL: are you fond of dancing MM: will you never marry NN: do riches engrose all your thoughts OO: do you still profess to love all PP: Do you prefer Cupid to Bachus QQ: Are you as whimsical as ever RR: Are you in love SS: Can you guess who I love TT: will you forgive little indiscretion (handwritten on back is "I will a little") UU: Are you vain of your own performances as ever VV: do you boast of favours received WW: do you think yourself handsome XX: are you governed by self love YY: shall I dance at your wedding ZZ: is your heart disengaged.


height: 1 3/4in
width: 2 3/8in



Production person

Un identified

Production date

circa 1800
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